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Review by Mac Aldrich 

Calm Waters is a book written by our own Jan Schaberg and recently released for Kindle through Amazon. It will soon be accompanied by a reading by Mrs. Schaberg on Audible. Just prior to working on the current newsletter, I read the incredible story of Jan’s discovery of a physical and life-threatening disease and her battle to beat the odds. Her journey encompassed many ups and downs and through it all she managed to find inner peace and defeat the demons that fought to consume her. Unconventional (to most of us) methods were applied to healing herself from within. Her journey took her from a place of not knowing one thing about what was going on within her to the point of knowing almost too much. She learned that much of what was deleteriously affecting her was due to 20th century greed and environmental disregard. Ironically, it took ancient healing methods to have a positive effect on the poisons coursing through her body created by modern industry. As a result, Jan was able to avoid a bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, and other invasive medical practices to which many others may have fallen prey. Should you or someone you know be faced with making radical decisions about medical procedures, I highly recommend that you check out the book and make a point of contacting Jan. As she discovered, it is well worth getting that second (or even third) opinion before moving forward with something that will affect the rest of your life.

Review by Diane Donovan

.“Jan Eberle Schaberg's The Ant and the Grasshopper ... If this sounds familiar, that's because it is based on the Aesop fable, but adapts the saga for a younger audience. 28 pages tell of an enchanting woods setting, two friends, and two very different perspectives on life and what winter will bring. The fine, full-page color embellishments are a delight: the story retains its complexity while appealing to young readers and read-aloud listeners alike (the later audience will want to listen over a period of time, to better absorb the story's concepts).” 

 - Diane Donovan — Donovan's Literary Services

“Jan Eberle has given us a warm trip down Memory Lane and into the life of a father she clearly loved very much. Stars shine brightly for a while in the fickle world of popular music, then inevitably fade as tastes change. They never dim, however, in the memories of their fans, and they live on in the recordings they leave behind. In the case of Ray Eberle, he also lives on in this loving memoir written by his daughter.” 

- Robert Ryan — THE PEPPER TREE, A literary Magazine

“Jan Eberle has always been surrounded by music and has a unique appreciation for its history. Her father, Ray Eberle, was part of the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra and cast a major influence on her life. Jan definitely seems to have inherited his talent, judging from her 35+ years as a musician and her performances with Florida theater groups. She has even proven herself as an author, writing a book about her father as well as two musical scores for children's manuscripts.” 

- Paula Murray, Editor — "U" MAGAZINE, Manatee

“Looking forward to being able hear the new Jan Eberle Show, 'Swing Museum.' She sounds terrific on the r.o.s. promos you've been running. Couldn't catch the original real time feed. Hope to catch d.b. archive podcast playback asap. With her abilities as author, vocalist, musician, am/fm broadcaster, and expertise in the realm of jazz, big band music and american popular standards (and beyond) I am sure that Jan will highly compliment your KSAV organization's image.” 

- Bill Quinn — Broadcast Consultant

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