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National League of American Pen Women Sarasota Branch

 The National League of American Pen Women, Inc. was founded in 1897. Realizing a need for an organization that would include women of the press, Marian Longfellow O’Donohue, niece of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, decided to create such an organization. Along with Margaret Sullivan Burke and Anna Sanborne Hamilton, she made plans for “bringing together women journalists, authors and illustrators for mutual benefits and the strength that comes of union.”

Peppertree Press Book 

Peppertree Press Book is a company that offers professional publishing with a personal touch! Together we have planted the book publishing seed and with great enthusiasm have launched this fine company to aspiring authors who have dreams and aspirations of turning their manuscripts into masterpieces.

Heritage Publishing Co.

Award Winning Author Brenda M. Spalding

About What I do for you;   I started out just like you. I had a book in my head and wanted to share it with the world. I learned the hard way and the expensive way to get my book out there.   ​I didn't know any better. It was only through meeting other authors and learning what they had done that I was finally able to publish my own book my way.

Laredo Publishing

In publishing since 1991, we have developed textbooks, workbooks and readers for major publishers like Houghton, Harcourt, Scholastic, Tribune and McGraw-Hill among others.  We specialize in the creation, development and management of educational and commercial projects.

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