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This Bestselling​ Author began writing in 1993.

Jan is proud to announce the National award winning release of her new memoir, 

Calm Waters.  


Jan's newest release is,

The Monuments Club: Lava River Cave

She is the author of the biography, The Eberle Named Ray,

and co-author of the biography, The Transparent Veil.  

She is also passionate about writing children's books. 

The Ant and the Grasshopper and Winnie's Farm are two of her best. Jan enjoyed composing music for both of them as it is a reflection of her support for high quality children's literature and education.  

Jan is proud to be a member of the: 

National League of American Pen Women. 

Jan Eberle Schaberg

Lava River Cave


The Monuments Club was inspired by actual events from World War II.

Dean and his Young Climber's Club happened upon a Cave in their hometown of Phoenix Arizona.

Little did they know what lay ahead.

Stolen treasures hidden for over half a century are discovered by accident and the group must lean on their family to find the true owners before unscrupulous thieves trick them into handing over their find

History and adventure blend in this compelling story of friendship and determination.

Lake Landscape

Win​ner of the National League of American Pen Women Vinnie Ream Award for 2023

Available here in the bookstore page


Jan's Books

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The year was 1876. Imagine living on a farm, in the middle of Nebraska, during the dead of winter.

Eleven year old Dmitri Downs did the very best he could to care for the family farm, while his father lie deathly ill ...

Do you believe in angels? Do you believe in a Power greater than us all? There is hope.

Welcome to Winnie's Farm.

The Ant and the Grasshopper is a classically written, full length story based on Aesop's famous fable. The characters' personalities and beautiful illustrations come to life, including the Grasshopper's Forever Fiddle! This lively story is full of suspense and intrigue and remains a beacon of strong moral lessons such as sharing, helping the neighbors, faith and greed.


If this sounds familiar, that's because it is based on the Aesop fable, but adapts the saga for a younger audience. 28 pages tell of an enchanting woods setting, two friends, and two very different perspectives on life and what winter will bring.  The fine, full-page color embellishments are a delight: the story retains its complexity while appealing to young readers and read-aloud listeners alike (the later audience will want to listen over a period of time, to better absorb the story's concepts).

Diane Donovan - Donovan's Literary Services (Aug 14, 2015)

Ray Eberle had a wonderful life full of the magic of music and of family, children, grandchildren and laughs. At 19 years old he was discovered by Glenn Miller and hired as the male vocalist. His contribution added to one of the most important musical eras of our time.

My father was no Einstein, nor was he Superman. He was a mortal as a man could be and as sensitive and loving a father as anyone could ever hope for.  


"Jan Eberle has given us a warm trip down Memory Lane and into the life of a father she clearly loved very much. Stars shine brightly for a while in the fickle world of popular music, then inevitably fade as tastes change. They never dim, however, in the memories of their fans, and they live on in the recordings they leave behind. In the case of Ray Eberle, he also lives on in this loving memoir written by his daughter."

Robert Ryan - THE PEPPER TREE, A literary Magazine

"Jan Eberle has always been surrounded by music and has a unique appreciation for its history. Her father, Ray Eberle, was part of the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra and cast a major influence on her life. Jan definitely seems to have inherited his talent, judging from her 35+ years as a musician and her performances with Florida theater groups. She has even proven herself as an author, writing a book about her father as well as two musical scores for children's manuscripts."

Paula Murray, Editor - "U" MAGAZINE, Manatee

 At the young age of seventeen, Judy Mitchell  [Vergason's]  life began down the uncertain road of the Catholic Convent as a Sister of the Most Precious Blood for twenty-six years. Her life was rocked by the one thing she feared most ... true love of a man. This is Judy's awe-inspiring story. She pledged an oath of obedience to God, vowed faithful devotion to one man and dedicated her allegiance to one country. 

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